Metal Casting

Spectrum Technical focuses on the processing of molten metal, in particular the casting of Aluminium and Zinc.

Casthouse technology involves the solidification of molten metal into ingots of different shapes and sizes. Molten metal is transferred to furnaces where the temperature is controlled and various additional elements are added to enhance its properties which decide among other things, its strength and durability.

During the casting of metal, some scrap is generated as part of the process, and needs to be charged back into the furnaces to be re-melted. Molten metal may also be treated with gases or flux to remove impurities and undesired gases. The molten metal then passes from the holding furnace through a launder line to the casting machine. Along the launder line the molten metal may be further treated, i.e. degassed and/or filtered. It is crucial that the metal level be kept constant throughout to ensure consistent quality while casting.

Typical products cast are:
  • Extrusion ingots, which eventually will be processed downstream into extruded profiles for making items such as window and shower frames
  • Rolling ingots, processed into Aluminium foil or sheets
  • Standard ingots with no additional elements or treatment. These are sold to be re-melted later by foundries or other casthouses which do not produce primary metal.

Spectrum Technical focuses on improving the quality and productivity of the metal casting process, as well as managing its environmental impact.

  • Furnace tending vehicles (charging scrap, mixing and skimming to remove dross)
  • Dross processing equipment (recover aluminium and recycle non-metallic)
  • Metal treatment equipment (de-gassing, fluxing and gas injection)
  • Metal filtration systems (ceramic foam filters to remove tiny impurities)
  • Furnace and launder refractories (transferring metal from furnace to casting machine)
  • Laser level control systems (ensure metal level is constant)
  • Non-contact metal temperature systems
  • High temperature fabrics (coarse filtration)

Our services include consulting, design, equipment supply, turnkey installations and maintenance. To discuss any of our metal casting services, please contact us today!