Social responsibility

We are passionate about youth development in our community. We currently sponsor 4 local rural schools with internet access in their computer labs.




In 2014, we visited uYengu High School in Kwamthethwa, about 20km from Richards Bay, South Africa, where one of our engineers matriculated. We noticed that the school, while having a fully equipped computer lab, had no internet access. We subsequently found that most rural schools in the surrounding rural communities were not online.

We wondered how the kids managed to do school projects and research. There was no ADSL, or 3G/4G/LTE mobile data coverage at the schools. We did some research, and found that the only viable internet access would be via satellite. In 2014, we sponsored a satellite dish to the school, and it was able to get internet for the first time.

After a visit a few months later, we found out that for the first time, the learners could download past papers and do research. 

Mobile data coverage is now more widespread in the communities, and data costs, while still high, are much more affordable than satellite data. We did a survey of schools, but were disappointed to find that most still did not have internet. Of the 81 high schools surveyed in the area, only 5% have internet access, all of it sponsored. Most of the schools are "no fee schools". This means the parents are unable to contribute to the scholar’s school fees.
Currently, we sponsor the following schools in our area: