Aluminium and Foundry Processing


  • Dross processing (recover metals from dross and slag)

  • Metal treatment equipment (de-gassing, fluxing and gas injection)

  • Laser level control systems (ensure metal level is constant)

  • Metal filtration systems (ceramic foam filters)

  • Furnace tending vehicles (charging scrap and skimming)

  • Non-contact metal temperature systems

  • Automated sawing systems for slab and billet

  • High temperature fabrics (coarse filtration and distribution)

  • Crucible and Ladle Cleaning

  • Siphon Tube Cleaning


  • Anode Slotting (cut slots after baking)

  • Anode Stub Inspection Systems

  • Anode Butt Inspection Systems


  • Pot Ramming Machines

  • Anode Height Control Systems


  • Rotary sand reclaimers

  • Metal filtration systems (ceramic foam filters to remove tiny impurities)

  • Non-contact metal temperature systems

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